Education: A Key Component to a Patient-Centered Experience

Education: A Key Component to a Patient-Centered Experience

Say you take your car into the shop for a routine oil change, and they come to you with a list of expensive repairs a mile long. Would you blindly follow their recommendations without finding out the purpose behind all of those repairs? I certainly hope not. When it comes to medical or dental procedures, […]

Straight Talk: The Facts About Aligning Your Smile

Your smile is the first impression you make when greeting others. While people have many different reasons for straightening teeth, there’s no denying that having a beautiful, straight smile can change your life for the better. The options for straightening your teeth can be a little daunting, so let’s look at a few of the […]

What Your Teeth Are Trying to Tell You.

Your teeth know when there’s a problem. If you’re having toothaches, pain, or sensitivity; that’s your teeth letting you know that they need some attention. Ignoring pain or hoping that a toothache will just go away will only let the problem get worse. This means more pain for you and a higher dental bill in […]

The Mistakes People Make When Brushing

Chew your food. Wash your hands. Brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth is one of those habits that is usually ingrained at a very young age, but is your brushing up to snuff? If you don’t brush thoroughly with good technique for the appropriate amount of time per day, aspects of your oral health could […]