Why Your Kids Need Their Own Dentist

You’ve probably learned by now that not all dentists are created equally. Some dentists are more skilled at certain procedures. Some are better equipped to accommodate those with dental anxiety or fear. And pediatric dentists are thoroughly trained and highly skilled in caring for children and those with special needs.


While it might seem convenient for your dentist to also care for your child’s dental health, it’s important that your child is seen by a dentist that’s been trained to work with children. Here are just a few of the benefits to choosing a pediatric dentist.


More Than a Niche Market. In addition to completing the usual dental school requirements, pediatric dentists have an additional two years of training. Children’s dentistry doesn’t just consistent of bright, cheery waiting rooms filled with toys or exam chairs with cartoons playing. When training to specialize in pediatric dentistry, doctors are taught how to treat children’s teeth as well as how to best put children at ease during their appointments.


They’re Not “Just Baby Teeth.” I’ve heard the sentiment from many parents﹘ why fret over a child’s baby teeth if they’re just going to fall out? Some of your primary, or “baby,” teeth will stay in your mouth for up to twelve years. It’s important to keep teeth healthy during that time to ensure children can chew and speak without any issues. Also, toothaches brought on by decay are very painful and can affect a child’s quality of sleep and concentration.


Caring for Primary Teeth. In the event that your child needs a procedure done, such as a filling, pediatric dentists are thoroughly trained on how to treat primary teeth. Baby teeth are more fragile than adult teeth. The enamel that covers them is thinner, and they are more susceptible to decay, which can spread from tooth to tooth quickly. Your child needs a dentist who understands this and knows how to treat problems that might arise.


Oh, Behave! Children don’t normally love going to the dentists, and who can blame them? I know lots of adults that don’t even like going to the dentist. Dentists that specialize in working with children are trained intensively on how to soothe a fearful child or appropriately handle behavioral issues. They can make your child feel as comfortable as possible in the office.


Peaceful Options. In the event that your child needs a more complex procedure, a pediatric dentist can handle it! They are educated on all the latest sedation dentistry options for kids. This can make a more complicated procedure easier for everyone involved.


A Dentist Your Child can Love. Pediatric dentistry attracts people with sunny dispositions and patience to spare. By choosing a dentist that regularly works with children, you’re more likely to find a care provider that your child will grow to love!


For the Sake of Convenience. All of this considered, there is still something to be said for convenience. No one wants to drive around town to different appointments for each member of the family. Luckily at Elite Smiles, we house many specialties under one roof.


My office has a pediatric dentist on staff to provide your child with the expert care they deserve! With general dentistry, pediatric dentistry, and orthodontic care all in one place, Elite Smiles can take care of the whole family.