People First and the Importance of Culture

It’s hard to stand out in the field of dentistry. Any dentist you decide to give your business to can clean your teeth, take x-rays, and fix minor problems for you. So, what separates a good dentist from a great dentist?


Patient-Focused Care. Former head coach of the Ohio State football team, Woody Hayes, once said, “You win with people.” This statement rings true in the field of dentistry as well. The majority of dentists practicing today offer a similar range of services at similar price points.


A great dental practice can only be distinguished through the rate of patient satisfaction. I make a concerted effort to go above and beyond for every one of my patients. At Elite Smiles, our motto is “people first.” Our patients are our honored guests, and they are treated as such from the moment they call to set up an appointment or walk in the door.


Not Another Corporate Dentist. With many older dentists retiring and the new generation struggling to free themselves from dental school debt, corporate dental practices have invaded the industry. While most of the time their locations are sleek and convenient, the cookie-cutter service that corporate practices provide can’t compete with the high-quality, personalized experience you will receive at a private practice like Elite Smiles.


Corporate dentistry business models tend to focus on returns, not individual customer experiences. Patients are treated more like numbers than people in need of care. A corporate practice is also not likely to take an intensive, holistic approach to dentistry like we do, which is important for your oral health and overall wellbeing.


Committed to Culture. Even more so than our cutting-edge technology or calming new facility, I believe that our staff members are hands-down the most important element of Elite Smiles. We strive to create a workplace culture that allows our employees to thrive, love what they do, and continue learning throughout their career. We are a family, and we encourage employee bonding through fun events and activities.


When happy people are serving you, you will receive better service. It’s as simple as that. We hire people who exhibit relentless positivity and enthusiasm for their work. By building a practice with the best people, we can achieve the best results for our patients.


Dentistry with Purpose. Another part of our workplace culture is a focus on the far-reaching impact of what we do. We encourage a purpose-driven attitude, emphasizing the difference good dental health makes on other aspects of guests’ lives. The work we do has a ripple effect. Our employees understand that what they do for patients goes far beyond cleaning teeth or relieving pain. They are helping others to live a healthier, more enjoyable life.


We also prioritize giving back to the global community by organizing a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, where our staff provides free dental care to those in need. Whenever we get a new patient referral, we set aside $25 to fund the trip. This incentivizes our staff to do consistent quality work and gives them an opportunity to help those in need. A free trip to the Dominican Republic isn’t bad either!


Call to schedule an appointment today, and come see for yourself how our friendly, knowledgeable staff sets us apart from the competition.