The Importance of Customer Service in Dentistry

The Importance of Customer Service in Dentistry

There’s a popular idea floating around that all dentists are the same — a filling is a filling, and a cleaning is a cleaning no matter where you go. So, if services are so similar across the board, then what are the characteristics of a superior dental practice? At Elite Smiles, we believe in outstanding patient-centered care that comes from exceptional customer service in dentistry. Friendly, empathetic, and attentive customer service is the core of what keeps our patients coming back and leaving satisfied after every visit.


You Are Not a Number

There is a growing trend in the field of dentistry: corporate dental practices. These chain dentists’ offices are popping up everywhere, and they bring with them an unfortunate bottom-line attitude. These offices are not as focused on the individual customer experience as they are the numbers side of the business. This makes for visits to the dentist that can leave you feeling like a number, not a valued guest.

I based my whole practice around superior personalized care for each one of my patients. I train each member of my staff on the importance of customer service. I know that the care and treatments I provide are comparable to those offered in a corporate dental practice, but the personalized customer service offered goes far beyond what you will find at a cookie-cutter dentist.


Anxiety Aware 

If you have anxiety surrounding trips to the dentist, you are far from alone. Many adults have fear or anxiety about going to the dentist, and for these individuals, finding a practice that can cater to those feelings is crucial. At Elite Smiles, we understand that there are countless reasons someone might experience dental fear. We go above and beyond to make sure that our patients feel at-ease before they even walk in the door.

Our staff is there to answer any questions that come up before your appointment, and knowing exactly what to expect can help to quell fears. I put a big emphasis on patient education so that patients feel confident in the why and how of any of their treatments or procedures. We also offer sedation dentistry for our most fearful patients.


Creating an Inviting Space

My goal is to create a space that feels nothing like a dentist’s office. Our office has a coffee shop feel with lots of open space, warm light, and a relaxing atmosphere. My patients are treated as guests from the second they step in the door. Instead of being greeted by a receptionist behind a desk, they are greeted by a hostess that shows them right to their private exam area.

Elite Smiles addresses the different ways that the body gathers information, creating a soothing environment for all five senses. The scent is strongly connected to memories and can trigger unpleasant thoughts from past experiences with other dentists. My office has a scent machine that ensures any typical dentist office smells are replaced with calming, pleasant scents. Noises within the office are controlled, too. We know the sound of a dental drill off in the distance is less than comforting, so we play white noise throughout the office to mask unpleasant or anxiety-inducing sounds.


A World of Difference

If you’ve ever had an unpleasant experience with dentistry, I encourage you to try our office. Our mission is to put our patients first and raise the standards of experience across the board to provide you with the best customer service in dentistry.


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