Newest Technologies in Dentistry

Here at Elite Smiles, we’re proud to offer the latest in cutting-edge dental technology. We are constantly striving for more efficient and durable solutions to keeping patients smiling for a lifetime. Here are just a few of the advanced solutions that we offer.


Ceramic Reconstruction. Traditionally, when a patient needed a crown or partial crown to repair damage to a cracked or decayed tooth, we started the process with goop. First, you’d take an impression of the patient’s tooth, and then, it might take weeks and multiple appointments before the crown was actually placed.


At our office, we have a CEREC machine﹘ a device that creates crowns or partial crowns for patients using 3D imaging software. This system uses computer-aided design and manufacturing to design a crown. CEREC makes it easy to design and create a crown for a patient the very same day. No more waiting﹘ and no more goop!


First, a reflective powder is applied to the damaged tooth and a camera is used to capture a 3D image of the area in need of treatment. Using that image, the crown is designed on a computer screen directly in front of the patient. The CEREC then sends the design to the in-office milling unit to actually create the crown. The crown is then fused to the tooth, solidifying the structure of the tooth.


The whole process strengthens the tooth and greatly reduces the hassle that’s usually associated with getting a crown or partial crown placed.


Implants. When deciding how to replace a tooth, implants are one of the best solutions for the long-term health of your mouth. The implant effectively stimulates the jaw, keeping it strong and protecting the surrounding teeth.


Implants have come a long way in the past few decades. Modern implants are the smallest and strongest designs yet. In the past, implants were wider and longer, making it impossible for some patients with small jaws to reap the benefits of this amazing technology. Now, almost anyone can receive an implant. We even use 3D imaging technology that allows us to place implants in patients who may have been told they weren’t candidates for implants in the past.


While an implant may seem like a magical technology, the concept of an implant is quite simple. The anchor, or root, of the implant is made of surgical-grade titanium, a material that the body won’t reject over time. This element is placed where the natural root of the tooth once was, and the bone grows around it.


The functional portion of the implant is the crown, which looks and functions just like a natural tooth. This element is attached to the anchor by an abutment. If placed well and cared for properly, implants can last for a very long time.


Faster Whitening Techniques. Many whitening techniques use a hydrogen peroxide gel placed on the surface of teeth to whiten them over time. At my office, we offer Sinsational Smile, an expedited version of the same technique that uses a light to make the gel work its magic even faster.


The light essentially activates the gel, so the patient can just sit exposed to the light for a short period of time in the dentist’s office and go home with a bright, beautiful smile that might have taken months to achieve using over-the-counter whitening products.


New technologies are flooding the dental industry every year. I look forward to learning about and bringing more of these amazing techniques to my patients in the future.