A Straight Smile and Your Professional Life: Are They Connected?

A Straight Smile and Your Professional Life: Are They Connected?

I always talk to my patients about how their oral health has an impact on their overall health, but could your teeth affect your professional life? Studies have shown that the appearance and health of your smile directly impacts your career. Let’s take a look at this connection and the options for achieving the straight smile of your dreams.


First You Have to Get Hired


Having noticeably crooked teeth can affect whether or not you are even hired for a position. According to one study, job candidates with straight teeth were 45% more likely to be hired than those with misaligned teeth. That’s a huge percentage!


Then You’ve Got to Get Paid


Now, I’m not saying that if you have crooked teeth then you won’t be paid, but you might be paid less than your co-workers with straight smiles. Shockingly, professionals whose smiles have visible cosmetic imperfections earn up to 18% less than those with straight teeth.


Confidence is the Key to Success


If you are self-conscious of your smile, you’re likely to try to hide it in social situations. You find yourself giving a closed-mouth smile for photos or covering your mouth when you speak. These gestures can make you appear (and feel!) less confident than you might like.


Because they smile big for pictures or when meeting someone new, those with bright, healthy smiles appear more confident, open, and self-assured. Not only does a healthy mouth make you seem more confident, but it may also help to actually build more confidence over time, as well. Remember, a warm smile is one of the best ways to connect with someone and can help to build lasting relationships with clients and co-workers.


Creating a Beautiful Smile


No one wants to be held back by their smile, so what are the treatment options available to achieve a smile that takes you farther in life? Elite Smiles offers a variety of solutions for adults that want to straighten their teeth.


  • Invisalign — This is the most discreet way to straighten your teeth. The Invisalign system uses clear aligners that fit over your teeth to slowly move them into place. The aligners are nearly invisible and can be taken out to eat, drink, or be cleaned. The system must be worn 22 hours a day to be truly effective, so it takes commitment. The end results make it well worth it.


  • Six-Month Smiles — This is by far the fastest way to achieve the smile you want. Six-Month Smiles is a system that uses traditional orthodontic methods at an expedited pace. The brackets and wires are the same color as your teeth and more discreet than traditional metal braces.


  • Veneers — If you are just looking to fill gaps or fix other minor cosmetic issues, dental veneers may be a good opinion for you. Veneers can make your teeth look whiter and straighter. Each veneer is specially fitted to your teeth and can be made to bridge small gaps without the need for orthodontic measures.


However you choose to straighten your smile, it is sure to have a positive effect on both your professional and your personal life. Call Elite Smiles to discuss your options today!

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